I believe that if you are not proud of your past and your past achievements no one else will be and no one else will ever bring them up. So I decided to sum up my past few years of professional life in the format of 6 short, 2 minute videos. As a plus there is one more, the very first one as the Table of Contents.

I begin these series of articles with a touchdown, marking the beginning of a new era while settling down on the past.

noun [ C ]
UK /ˈtʌtʃ.daʊn/ US /ˈtʌtʃ.daʊn/
the landing of an aircraft or of some types of spacecraft
the moment when an aircraft or spacecraft lands

TOUCHDOWN | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Reversing the order in time, starting with the most recent years I divided my past into 4 pieces:

Plus, I divided the work on my personal projects into two pieces:

6 era, 6 faces

Start watching the video series from here:

Otherwise, if you prefer to read - then follow up on my upcoming articles where I write about each period showcasing the most important slides in more details.