FocusUI is a new user interface concept revolutionising digital information handling. It's a potential solution to information overload offering a focused way of digital content creation.

A buzz on the phone. A new message. From Cayce. Via Viber. A chime on the laptop. A new message. From Frank. Via Slack. A ding on your tablet. An incoming call. From Jenny. Via Skype. Plus a reminder on your watch. Via the calendar app.

Which one to take first? Of course, all of them are important. Because they all want ME! Fine. Let's take a step aside.

From all the incoming messages that you have to deal with which part is becoming less and less important or even irrelevant these days?

The actual channel. It does not matter any more if it's Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp or Skype. What really matters is the message itself. But still, you have to install all of these apps on your phone, on your laptop, on your watch and on your tablet.

And this is just the consuming part. How about actual content creation? How many apps do you have on your phone? Yes, Right now. How many? What about your laptop? Your watch? Tablet?

Enter a new world. Where focus is retained and applied to what's really important: the content of the actual message or the creative part of new content creation.

Distraction free surface

Incoming content appears on the left (reconfigurable) while outgoing content moves to the right (reconfigurable). The middle is the actual space dedicated for content editing and content creation.

The flow of content: from left to right

So what's at the top and at the bottom? Two other dimensions - it's up to you to decide with one goes to the top and which one goes to the bottom:

  • tools to edit and create content
  • the asset library to find additional, ready to insert components

...and that's it.

The end of App Stores - the beginning of Function Stores

Envision a future where instead of struggling with hundreds of apps - it was a brilliant idea back then, particularly on the iPhone; a button as an "App", simply genius! - you have one unified "operating system" and you can add "functions" to it. Not siloed, distinct, individual "islands" of digital realms, but as extensions to one, single interface.

I know, I know. It means an end to thousands of businesses. I know. It's the end of a colourfully engaging but also confusing digital era. I know. But this is the price we have to pay to get back our (mental ability to) focus.

I'm not suggesting that other, existing systems must / should die. No. I'm suggesting that there is an alternative to those who can accept and live by the value of a single, focused interface.

Part two is coming soon...