DevOps. Cloud. Docker. Kubernetes. GitHub. GitLab. The "new" stack. Impossible to list them all... The golden age of software and hardware. Isn't it the era we all dreamt about as nerd/geek kids?

If you only have a minute or so I recommend checking out the video summary below. Otherwise, keep reading...

Since these days dedicated social platforms are offered to software people as well, this post is going to be much shorter than my pre-GitHub/GitLab one.

This is certainly the era of great improvements and great complexity. As an issue is solved by some tool - or by a set of tools - new challenges arise. This the fun part of our industry: we try to automate ourselves out of our roles while raising the bar of complexity - causing even more, new issues.

...impossible to list them all...

The tech stack I use? - you ask. Well, it depends. It all comes down to the balance of refusing to use the latest and greatest "bleeding edge" tools vs sticking to the god old, tried and tested tools we love.

Maybe I'm very late with this one, but I'm resurrecting this old concept of mine:

DevTeamHQ is a virtual place, a portal, where - as an IT manager, responsible for a remote software team - you log in, invite your team members and share a single, ever-existing virtual space that spans across time zones and physical borders and boundaries.

This is NOT a place of remote surveillance, nothing can be further to my original ideas. It's rather a place where the team shares it's virtual culture and help each other no matter the distance.

And this is why this particular project is hard. It's not the technology stack that's difficult, not even the UI, it's the core essence of the offering that's hard to distill...

One more tool? No way! - you say. And you are right. This could also become the burden of adoption. But I just simply have to try!

So with this project I'm attending Y Combinator's Startup School this year!

One of my oldest domains is According to DomainTools I first set it up 14 years ago! (5,124 days old as of this writing...)

One last thing probably worth mentioning - since these are now all on GitHub/GitLab anyway - is my personal family dashboard I usually display in the mornings.

Family dashboard's first screen

This is just the very first screen in rotation - the rest contain near real time exchange information, some crypto details and some scraped data on actual fuel prices in my area.

More can be found about this dashboard on GitHub: as I said at the end of my previous post I'd better keep on typing...