Travel plans - like for most of us - gone out of the window. Long vacations? Nope. Those plans are gone too. Commuting? Oh, yeah! That's gone as well. Saving hours and hours. Digital plans? Mostly going according to plans. And that's good. With the home office setup above I cannot complain.

Pros of the situation? Plenty:

  • No commuting time
  • More and better focus on work
  • Less interruptions during the day
  • A little bit better control of my time
  • More time with family
  • A little bit more sleep

Cons? Well...

  • Unclear boundaries between working hours and everything else
  • Tons and longer meetings
  • No or very little sense of (work) community
  • Less time for podcasts (yes, true, commuting helps in this respect)

Yes, I am very fortunate and grateful that I have all necessary equipment and stable bandwidth to do my work. So do my family members.

I am also grateful that my surroundings are relatively peaceful and clean, all of us are healthy and we somehow always manage to get through difficult times. Let's keep it that way!